Soda Splash Carbonator and Nitrogen Infuser

The Soda Splash Carbonator and infuser is a revolutionary kitchen tool that can produce fizzy drinks as well and nitrogen infused cocktails! Any type of drink can be carbonated in the Soda Plus. Now, you can carbonate wine, cocktails, fruit & green teas, unstrained citrus juices, raspberry & strawberry juices and even tomato juice. Carbonation can actually increase the sensory enjoyment of drinks as the bubbles help to waft aromas to the nose, adding an extra dimension to your drinks and cocktails. The carbon dioxide also brings a mild acidity that lends a refreshing quality. The Soda Plus can also be used to create incredible instant infusions. Use with our N2O cream chargers or new Nitrogen cartridges to make instant Sloe Gin! The nitrogen pressurises the Soda Splash flask and forces liquid into aromatics. When the flask is depressurised the liquid is pulled back out of the aromatic, dragging the flavour with it! Try spices, herbs, vanilla or citrus peel in a spirit or wine to create an instant infusion!

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Thursday 18th April 2019