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Living Wages
We maintain high standards of pay & conditions. All staff, contractors and temps are always paid more than the Living Wage. The minimum wage is nowhere near enough to live on and companies should not embarrass themselves by expecting people do charity work for them! Large companies like Amazon and Tesco pay their staff very low wages knowing that the government will subsidise them by paying benefits & tax credits to keep them alive. Literally your taxes are used to subsidise these rich trans-national corporations - making them even more abusive and powerful! So instead of helping them we suggest that you buy from companies like ours that pay their staff generously.
Our staff are people whose wellbeing is valued and personalities to be developed. So we all get free private health care, free out of workplace personal accident insurance, the best equipment for the job they do, free healthy beverages, educational & training development. If you speak to us on the phone I'm sure you'll experience the positive results of these policies.

Environmental Responsibility & Recycling
We take care to purchase from suppliers that have some respect for the planet and for their staff. We prioritise buying from British suppliers - but also the best from around the world. We actively encourage our suppliers to use biodegradable & non-polluting materials.
  • We are happy to pay a premium for our electricity from www.bulb.co.uk because they ensure our electricity is literally 'made in Britain' from renewable sources not polluting the planet with carbon or radioactive waste for our children.
  • All packaging and office supplies are biodegradable and/or made from recycled materials - including paper, envelopes, boxes, tape, doc wallets, black bin bags etc.
  • Almost all the packaging materials introduced by us into the supply chain are biodegradable - for example we use paper-based wrapping tape instead of PVC tape.
  • For packing materials where possible we use 100% recycled & biodegradable paper void-fill rather than bubble-wrap or polystyrene. For glassware we use oxy-degradable bubble wrap.
  • Almost all the waste generated by our office and warehouse is recycled - this includes pallets, cardboard, paper, plastic, electronic equipment, furniture and food packaging.
  • All staff juice, teas, coffee, sugar, milk etc is organic and/or fair trade.
  • Where possible we sell disposables that are compostable - such as our VegWare range.
  • We try not to sell any food which contains Genetically Modified ingredients. For info about GM foods go to www.gmfreeze.org and www.genewatch.org.
  • The cream and soda chargers we sell cannot be re-used so must be recycled as scrap steel. Extracting iron-ore requires massive environmental pollution and western support of (often) despotic regimes, so we urge you to recycle your used steel. You can return them to us or put them in your recycling bins as scrap steel or drop them to a local authority recycling centre.

  • Social Responsibility
    Businesses are wealth generating enterprises that are part of wider society, located in local communities. Unfortunately most large companies don't have this view and they suck wealth out of communities and deposit it into offshore bank accounts to avoid paying their tax or they give it away to their share holders - who are often of a similar ilk. Large supermarkets, retail chains, coffee chains, banks, pension funds etc all pretend to be 'sustainable' but exist only to exploit local people out of their hard earned money and profit from destroying the planet. For example Tesco try to persuade local people of their good intentions with their 'schools vouchers' & community schemes - the reality is they destroy local businesses, have an appalling employment record, don't employ local people but instead exploit illegal immigrants - and they take profits offshore.
    Recent figures from the Federation of Small Businesses proves that buying a coffee from a company like Costa means an increase in poverty in for your community - but buying a coffee from a local independent coffee shop means you are increasing wealth in your community.
    Unlike Amazon or eBay we are not a foreign company which views the population of this country as victims to exploit and taxes as something that you plot to avoid paying. We are all nurtured by this beautiful country and its humorous people - and we make money in this country - so we should pay taxes in this country.
    If you want an alternative to buying off Amazon check out this guide published by Ethical Consumer magazine: www.ethicalconsumer.org/boycotts/boycottamazon.
    CLS Ltd believes in supporting the local community, improving the local built environment and protecting local wildlife & natural environment. These are some of the good causes we support:.
  • We support a local organic farm & education centre www.tuppennybarn.com who provide some members of staff with delicious seasonal organic veg!
  • We support the local Havant Arts Centre www.thespring.co.uk with kit and ingredients for their cafe.
  • We are corporate members of the Hampshire Wildlife Trust www.hwt.org.uk.
  • We support the solvent abuse charity Re-Solv www.re-solv.org.
  • We support the local wild animal rescue centre www.brentlodge.org.
  • We donate to several campaigning charities each year in the field of opposing wars, helping victims of violence (including domestic violence), helping protect our earth from destruction & exploitation and trying to make the world a less polluted and more friendly place!
  • The director has always been a campaigner for democracy & justice around the world. In the late 80s and early 90s while Cameron, Osborne and Boris were attacking the anti-apartheid movement and calling for Mandela to be hung I was working with South African journalists and researchers to expose the horrific death squads that were being used to attack people opposing the evil regime.
  • We try to follow the boycott of Israeli products in support of the plight of the Palestinian people. But never forgetting the hidden monster of anti-semitism which disguises itself in many clothes and could easily take political form again and repeat the genocides that Jewish people have suffered for hundreds of years. Throughout history the wealthy have stirred up anti-semitism or other racist fears to direct us away from blaming them for our situation. Anti-semitism is the 'last defence' for our rulers - if people start to realise what is really going on our rulers spread conspiracy theories blaming Jews or other minorities for the problems of ordinary people. Its not immigrants or Jews or aliens that are out to get us - its our very own ruling class, the people with all the power and money. The families and the individuals change but for centuries they have used every trick in the book to keep all the money for themselves. Wealthy people use their control of the media to point at peoples fears and insecurities so that we never realise that it is they that has what we went - riches and freedom. So is up to us to see the game that is being played and stop the rich from spreading hate and fear to keep in control of our societies.

  • Vegetarianism
    The Director has been vegan since the late 80s and we try to stock only vegetarian products - however this is not always possible so we list all ingredients so that you can make a choice. Going vegetarian is one of the most important ways you can help save the planet. We encourage our customers to learn about the destruction that eating meat is doing to our world. Eating meat is also a major cause of cancer and illness in humans - cooked meat is essentially poisonous to humans. Adult humans need only a minimal amount of protein - yet we are constantly told we need protein - if you eat vegetables then you are getting all the protein you need. Our intestines can't process raw meat very well - and because its socially unacceptable to tear into raw meat - we cook it and try to make it into all sorts of 'dishes' to make it acceptable. We need to get back to a healthy morally good natural plant based diet. Eating meat is so obviously wrong - killing an animal just because you like the taste and not because you need it nutritionally. Our society 'bloods' us and pretty much forces us to eat meat - and so our society is deliberately forcing us to do something immoral. A society that forces us all to commit horrendous crimes is a society based on immorality - it not surprising the amount of violence, anger and chaos we see around us!

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