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Catering & Leisure Supplies Ltd (which runs this website) is not the creation of a bank or private equity fund. It is a real company that started small and has grown through real hard work - not easy money from a bank. It is wholly owned by Jonathan Money.

Jonathan started working on the development of eCommerce software in 2000 and we used the software to start selling cafe-related products online before most people had grasped the changes in society that the web was going to force. The high street had already been killed by the supermarkets and the monopoly landlords worked with the banks to kill off any remaining independent high street shops and replace them with chains that fooled people into thinking they were buying from real British companies - when in fact like the supermarkets they are all international companies owned by private equity (the super rich), banks and foreign capital.

So it seemed to us that the only way forward was to embrace this new technology - where we had a chance of staying ahead of the big money. And we did - we didn't borrow from anyone we just worked day and night developing our software & packing boxes to make online shopping using our software easy and safe. Now 1 million lines of code later we are turning over £3m a year and battling against Amazon, eBay and all the other vicious foreign pirates who pay no taxes, manipulate our government and pay off journalists to prevent any criticism of the way they are destroying British businesses.

I take great pride in not needing the support of friends in the media to give us free publicity or capital from rich friends, banks or dictatorships like Qatar. Like most real businesses we never received any of the money the Tory's gave to the banks to support small business hurt by the banking crisis (£200bn) - the banks just used it to shore up their 2008 losses and no one ever saw a penny. I run my company to reflect who I am. Honest, reliable, believing in the products I sell.. and able to admit when I make mistakes. I think my customers appreciate this approach. I vote Green and believe in Britain as a multicultural country - but free of illegal cheap labour, foreign spies and foreign 'investment'. I also be believe in the European project - extreme nationalism has destroyed our continent so many times that we need to develop a world free of aggressive nationalism but not be fooled into believing the only alternative is a 'neo-liberal' world 'free' of nations where the rich can move money around to exploit us. We need to be proud of our country because it is what binds us together. The tabloid press are guilty of hate crimes and their so-called 'journalists' should be arrested and jailed as the hate-filled racist bigots they are.

The business is run by a team of 6 hard working people who use the software we develop in-house to cope with ever expanding logistical and regulatory requirements.

We specialise in looking for products that you won't find in Argos or Tesco. We read blogs, listen to customers, chefs, mixologists & baristas and search out companies who are making innovative, unique or best in class products. We try to buy British where we can. I spend every day investigating leads and developing relationships with new and existing suppliers.

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Monday 19th August 2019 
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